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The Nudge You Need to Try New Things




Think of that one idea you’ve always had.  The goal. The bucket list item. The dream you’ve never shared. 

Now imagine turning to your best friend, speaking that dream aloud and they turn to you and say, "YOU WANNA DO WHAT?!" 

Consider me YOUR best friend as each week YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! the podcast, brings you one step closer to your goals through inspiration, motivation and storytelling. 

Every Wednesday hear a new episode interviewing guests with lots of commas after their names: entrepreneurs, parents, fitness enthusiasts, authors.... because aren’t we more than just our job titles?  You’ll also get some solo episodes from me too, where I share personal stories on the highs, lows and in betweens of personal development. 

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Let THIS be the nudge you need to try new things and nail that goal. 

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"Let Monica be the best friend in your head and listen to the show. She's so darn honest and touches your heart." - HuckFinnster

"We all have those personal goals we want to achieve, but never really talk about. At the end of each episode, I felt, "She's right, let me take that first step forward."  Monica's storytelling is fresh, honest and straight to the point." - A1S


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Episode 40:I Wanna Be More than a Job Title

You are not your job. Asking the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" to our kids and ourselves, leads to challenges later in life. Let's explore new ways to answer that question in a more complete and thoughtful way. Then I discuss why experimenting led me to starting YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! and why experiments should be a daily practice.


Episode 30: I Wanna Speak to Inspirational Entrepreneurs: Derrius Quarles

Born and bred on the south-side of Chicago, Derrius lived through 13 years of foster care after losing his father to violence and being separated from his mother to become a first-generation cum laude graduate of Morehouse College, securing over $1 Million in scholarships before leaving high school. We discuss early memories growing up,  consistency in the midst of change, manifesting a goal, racism as an entrepreneur and much more. 


Episode 14: I Wanna Meet Oprah

Oprah is on my personal Mount Rushmore of greats. For the second time in 6 years I was in a room with Oprah and the third time WILL be the charm when I finally meet her. Also, my trip to the Tribeca TV Festival and why getting dressed and showing up is sometimes all you need to do to be inspired. Who inspires you? Have you told them?

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