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Your Monday Morning Battle Cry

What would you say if you had the platform to say anything?

End the frustration of living in survival mode, rewrite your story, and have fun doing it.


You need actionable solutions that don’t beat around the bush.


Are you drawn by a whole plethora of options for your career, but aren’t sure where to go? Interested in building the life you’ve always dreamed of, but aren’t sure what steps to take?

No matter how old you are, you can rewrite the story and have fun doing it.

Podcasting is a fantastic way to explore your interests, draw an audience built on authenticity, and learn more about yourself along the way. Get started with tactical, no-nonsense steps for growing and marketing a successful podcast from someone who is self-taught, has made all of the mistakes, and has 15 years of experience in marketing.





I’m Monica, and I’m here to help make your dreams a reality


I’m a first-generation immigrant Latina from NYC. Growing up, I constantly found myself living a life of two halves: one that was my authentic self, and one that I invented to appease other people. I switched up my persona like Superman to Clark Kent.

As I entered the professional world, that experience followed me. It wasn’t until I found podcasting that I was able to make the two halves whole through complete freedom to pursue all of my passions and interests.



Monica has worked with these companies





Find your tribe of like-minded curious professionals among fellow listeners of YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! The journey is better with friends.



Podcasting is my jam, but I also love speaking about marketing analytics, why curiosity is essential for growth, and why companies have a responsibility to encourage self-care.



I’ve figured out every aspect of creating a successful podcast so you don’t have to. Need help with marketing? I’ve got you covered.

Your Monday Morning Battle Cry 

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This podcast helps me look inside to confront some things that I struggle with. Thank you, Monica, for making an awesome show, and for being a great friend!
— Rhett H
From her raw, honest, and inspiring storytelling, she leaves you with things to reflect on, consider, and act on. This very talented messenger has something for all ages and all types of people.
— Zack D