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Episode 100: Life Lessons - Advice to Your Younger Self

What advice would I give my younger self? What advice would you give yours?

With the help of friends, listeners and former YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! guests, I'm sharing 9 pieces of advice I would give my younger self with the hopes that I wasn't too much of a stubborn kid to take it.

Plus the motto I've lived by for over 20 years. You can USE it today and every day going forward.  

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Episode 99: Self-Care for Moms (and Dads)

How do you live a YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! multi-passionate lifestyle as a mother (or father)? 

On episode 99, busy mom and self-care expert, Jody Agard, joins us to discuss: 

  • Sprinkling self-care in your daily life

  • Mommy-guilt and how to solve it

  • Practical ways for self-care for moms (and dads)

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Episode 98: 6 Ways to Make Faster, Better Decisions

6 ways to make faster, better decisions. Use these tools when working through a problem, facing uncertainty or struggling to make a decision.

Which job do you take? Is this the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Do you make this investment?

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Episode 97: How to Find Your Confidence as a Young Woman in STEM

Were you ever asked the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up”?

Karina Popovich is determined to have her name listed alongside other STEM giants such as Mark ZuckerbergJeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. At 14 she founded the company, Connect with Tech, to give students of underrepresented backgrounds the opportunity to deep-dive into the world of technology through coding workshops, speaker sessions, and tech programs. In a few weeks, she'll graduate from the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School in New York City before heading to Cornell University to pursue a degree in Business and Engineering. 

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Episode 96: Is this Mistake Why You're Not Reaching Your Goals?

In today's episode, we explore:

  • The #1 mistake sabotaging your goals

  • Why when you're focused on everything, you're really focused on nothing

  • 5 techniques to regain focus

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Episode 95: Three Ways to Reframe Rejection (and Move On)

Have you ever wondered what you have in common with Beyonce, George Clooney, and Lebron James? Rejection! We all face it, and we all share it in common. Rejection forces us to learn how to overcome obstacles to achieve greatness.

Whether you lost your dream job, didn’t make the team, or were turned down for a date, rejection hurts. But it’s also necessary for personal growth and professional development. You have two options: take rejection personally or apply my three-step framework to help you out the next time you’re told “no”.  

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Episode 94: How to Date Yourself

When was the last time you went out on a date...with yourself? If dining alone or seeing a movie solo freaks you out, I have three reasons why a date night with yourself is exactly what you need.

We explore:

  • The difference between being lonely and being alone

  • 3 benefits to treating yourself to date night

  • Top solo "date night" recommendations

  • How to block out the noise of what "everyone else thinks"

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Episode 93: How to Invest in Your Health

Part 4 of this 4-part series is all about your personal development. The most profitable investment you will EVER make is to yourself.

What you can expect:

  • Mel Robbins popular TED talk

  • Brene Brown and her Netflix special, A Call to Courage

  • An important lesson from the movie, A Bronx Tale

  • When and how to find a professional coach to help you succeed

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Episode 92: How to Invest in Your Career

Are you happy with your job? Is your career tied to your passion or your purpose? A whopping 70% of people are unhappy with their jobs. Is that you?

Part 3 of this 4-part series is all about your career. The most profitable investment you will EVER make is to yourself.

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Episode 91: What's Your Money Story?

Did you know that the most profitable investment you’ll ever make is in YOURSELF? When you invest in your personal growth, and you declare that you’re making the conscious to decide to devote time and energy on yourself, you send a powerful message into the universe. A message that says I’m ready to change my mindset, get serious about goal setting, and commit to ME.

In part two of the YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! four-part personal development series, we talk about all things money with Her Money Matters expert, Jen Hemphill. Money is a tricky subject, but talking about it shouldn’t be taboo. Today we’re taking a look at:

  • Your relationship to money (aka “your money story”)

  • How to develop a smart money mindset

  • How to set goals about money

  • Strategies to become besties with your Benjamins

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