Episode 64: Fat Girls Run, Training for the Chicago Marathon with Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez is a on mission to remove the stigma from the word "fat." As she prepares to run her first marathon, in her hometown of Chicago, Jennifer is using #FatGirlsRun as her mantra to prove to herself and everyone else that you can start where you are and still achieve your goal.  

In episode 64, Jennifer and I discuss: 

  • Her big 'WHY' behind her decision to run a marathon

  • Marathon training as a wife, mom of 2, and business owner

  • Her marathon mantra, #FatGirlsRun 

  • Raising funds for her organization, WISE (Women's Institute of Self Development and Efficiacy)

  • Gaining 30 pounds after her layoff in 2016

  • Self love

  • and so much more!

Support Jennnifer as she runs the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (https://www.gofundme.com/run-chicago-marathon-for-wise)

Jennifer Sanchez is the founder of the Women's Institute of Self-Development and Efficacy (WISE). She is also a radio personality at EvolutionPOP, a mother of two girls and a wife. WISE empowers women with specialized tools and techniques needed to enhance and transform their lives through training, prayer, support groups, and workshops. WISE believes that when a woman focuses on their own needs and desires first, it allows them to be more effective at home and at work.

Support Jennnifer as she runs the Chicago Marathon (https://www.gofundme.com/run-chicago-marathon-for-wise)

Learn more about WISE: Women's Self Development and Efficacy on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/womensselfdevelopment)


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