Episode 71: The Value of Community

A community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals and is essential to positive mental health. 

In episode 71, we discuss:

  • How introverts can find community

  • The #1 negative to working from home

  • How I found my community 

  • The single best thing you can do when trying to find your tribe

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Episode 69: Tiffany Pham: How to Find Your Why, Build Connections and Learn New Skills

Tiffany Pham created the global technology and media empire, Mogul, at 27 years old. On this episode, Tiffany shares the personal tragedy that led to discovering her "why" and a blueprint for you to use to learn the skills you need to start a business, reach your goal or achieve your dream.

 We discuss: 

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Episode 68: Fertility and Freezing Your Eggs

A woman's choices around fertility are personal. But women are also speaking more openly and candidly about fertility goals and reproduction. Ko Im, chose to make her decision public and document her journey on Instagram to help other women hear and see the real emotions, physical effects and mental preparation of the egg retrieval process. 

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Episode 67: 7 Ways to Feel Better Now

Society is stressed and you need ways to feel better and own your mood. In this episode, I share 7 ways to feel better for FREE. Use the hashtag #OwnOctober on social media to tell me which of the 7 activities you're trying today.

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Episode 65: The Accident that Changed NFL player, Mohamed Massaquoi's Life

Mohamed Massaquoi, ex-NFL WR, had most of his left hand amputated after an ATV accident. We discuss his comeback, lessons learned and how he pivoted to a new career.

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Episode 64: Fat Girls Run, Training for the Chicago Marathon with Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez is a on mission to remove the stigma from the word "fat." As she prepares to run her first marathon, in her hometown of Chicago, Jennifer is using #FatGirlsRun as her mantra to prove to herself and everyone else that you can start where you are and still achieve your goal.  

In episode 64, Jennifer and I discuss: 

  • Her big 'WHY' behind her decision to run the Chicago Marathon

  • Marathon training as a wife, mom of 2, and business owner

  • Her marathon mantra, #FatGirlsRun 

  • Raising funds for her organization, WISE (Women's Institute of Self Development and Efficiacy)

  • Gaining 30 pounds after her layoff in 2016

  • Self love

  • and so much more!

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Episode 63: 5 Types of People You Need in Your Circle

Motivational speaker and businessman, Jim Rohn, once said, "You're the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with." The people around you matter and you need people who will challenge you and help you grow.

In episode 63, we discuss:

  • 5 types of people you need in your circle

  • Identify the characteristics in each group

  • Pinpoint exactly how to find someone who fits each role

  • Oprah, because, OPRAH! 

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Episode 62: Would You Walk Away from $100 Million?

Choosing to walk away from his family's $100 million business was the hardest decision Joe Pardo has ever made. He started in the business at 6-years old sweeping floors and over the years learned the details of every department. Most people dream of the kind of success Joe achieved, but in 2014, Joe resigned.

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Episode 61: ESPN's Maria Taylor on Women in Sports, Mentors and Self-Care

Maria Taylor is the co-host of ESPN's College Gamedayand sideline reporter for ABC's Saturday Night Football. She's just signed a new deal that will keep her on ESPN’s networks for years to come. 

We discuss: 

  • Why her first experience as a college football sideline reporter felt like "trial by fire" 

  • Social media trolls and criticisms as a female reporter 

  • Fitting in as a person of color in the industry

  • Mentoring and how men can support women at work as a colleague, mentor or manager

  • Self-care routines  for someone with a busy schedule

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